Introducing the new issue of Digiday magazine

At Digiday Media, across Digiday, Glossy and Modern Retail, we cover how the industries of media, marketing and retail are changing, thanks to the advent of new technologies, new consumer behaviors and changing business models.

In this issue of Digiday magazine, we take a new approach to our examination of these industries. We take a step back to look at exactly how the way we work, live and shop today is changing the industries we cover, and the wave of cultural forces that are affecting them.

Our new, revamped Big Ideas section took a look at big themes upending our lives. In “Age of Anxiety,” Brian Morrissey writes about how despite an economic boom, people are more stressed out, and more anxious than ever before, while I delved deeper into the dark nihilism engulfing Gen Z, and how that’s leading to a new distrust of brands, authority figures and governments.

We’ve also restructured the magazine itself, with new sections covering Culture, Media, Retail and Work.

In Culture, Ilana Kaplan writes about how post #MeToo, feminism has turned corporate, with the rise of companies like The Wing cashing in on a new brand of fempowerment. For Media, Max Willens dives into the content mills of journalism, and how it’s led to a lost generation of reporters who have internalized a business model that prizes virality over, in some cases, great stories. We also cover the ups and downs of American Dream, a new Dubai-esque mall being built in New Jersey, and why the wellness movement is driving everything from mocktail culture to the growth of CBD.

This is the 15th issue of Digiday Magazine, available exclusively to members. We hope you are enjoying your membership, and the new issue. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading.

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