Bieber’s Portfolio

Bieber Investment Strat: Someone must be slacking off on their advisory duties because Justin Bieber has just become part-owner of Options Media Group Holdings (OPMG), a sketchy tech company that is run out of Boca Raton, a locale more known for spammers than candidates to become the next Google. OPMG distributes an anti-texting software called PhoneGuard, which is meant to stop driving and texting, a cause that is apparently very close to Bieber’s heart. I guess Bieber isn’t worried about the fact that in May, the former president of OPMG, Anthony Sasso, resigned because a local blog revealed he had been convicted of racketeering; or that the current CEO of OPMG, Scott Frohman, is on the board of Money4Gold; or that the company reported $10 million in losses last year. Yup, sounds like a sound investment to me. Gawker

Springsteen and Social Media?: Just about everyone is a social media guru nowadays, even the Boss. He’s apparently given coded messages to to marketers all these years. MarketingProfs

Video of the Day: In honor of Snooki’s second book deal, Anderson Cooper gives a wonderful reading of an excerpt from Snooki’s first book A Shore Thing. Watch the video here.

Tumblr of the Day: For all of you Harry Potter fans who are anxiously awaiting the release of the last HP film (I know, it’s bittersweet), check this out: as part of his senior portfolio, Patrick Sullivan designed Criterion Collection covers for all of the HP movies. Harry Potter Criterion Collection

State of the Internet: Want to know how the Internet is doing? Check out this cool interactive infographic from Online Schools.

State of the Internet 2011

Created by: Online Schools

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