Ashton Kutcher, Twitter Client

More Ashton Please?: Did you know that Ashton Kutcher is the 7th most popular user on Twitter, with over 6.8 million followers? WTF? I mean I get why Lady Gaga has 10 million followers, I guess, but Ashton Kutcher, really? He’s pretty much a joke of an actor with a pretty face and a famous cougar wife, but for some reason he has become a social media king. Because he is so popular and social media savvy, Kutcher has been recruited by UberMedia to launch a customized, branded Twitter client called This Twitter app lets Kutcher customize whatever content he wants to appear on the stream. Both UberMedia and Kutcher will be able to monetize different parts of the app, and we get to give celebrities even more money and airtime. I’m only surprised Lady Gaga didn’t think of this first. TechCrunch


Meme For Sale: Princess Beatrice sold that bizarre head contraption that she wore to the Royal Wedding, which became that meme we’ve all seen. The “hat” sold on eBay for $131,341.47, which will go to Unicef and Children in Crisis. That’s a first, a meme that gives back. Gawker

Haha, Idiots: Looks like the Family Radio website got a little redesign. Maybe it was all just a viral campaign to build buzz for the relaunch? Buzzfeed

Tech Humor: Sex robot jokes à la McSweeney’s.


Video of the Day: Feeling slothish today?

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