Anonymous Does Good

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Taking Down the Dark Net: For once hackers are actually doing something really good: cracking down on child pornography. Anonymous is going after on an underground child pornography forum called Lolita City. Anonymous is calling this latest crusade OpDarkNet after the “dark net,” an underground part of the Internet that is hidden from most users unless they know how to find it. The dark net is an unfortunate byproduct of a service called TOR, which lets anyone host websites and browse the Web anonymously through a suite of software. TOR was originally intended to give activists a safe place to communicate away from the prying eyes of oppressive governments; but as with many features of the Web, in the wrong hands, they can be used for bad things. Gawker

Google Takes Back Google Plus: For a while now the Zuck has been the most “circled” person on Google Plus; but finally Google’s own Larry Page has overtaken the Zuck: Page has been circled by 600,871 Google Plus users, compared to Zuckerberg’s 598,903. The Daily Dot

Video of the Day: Do the hairball!

Tumblr of the Day: Obama is really staying on top of his digital media game: he has a Tumblr for his 2012 campaign. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure he’s the first president or high-up government official to use Tumblr for campaigning efforts. Obama 2012

Meme of the Day: Kanye West lyrics meet “Saved by the Bell” stills: a match made in heaven. BuzzFeed
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