7 More Ridiculous Job Titles

We came across some more ridiculous job titles since we published the first round. Aside from gurus, there are also a lot of ninjas and evangelists in the digital media industry. Please contact me with nominations for the most ridiculous job titles in digital media.

1. Technical Support Ninja: I know, I know, IT guy sounds lame, but Tech Support Ninja isn’t exactly an upgrade. Are you a mercenary in feudal Japan with insane sword skills and stealth? No? Didn’t think so. So basically ninja is off the table for everyone. I’m looking at you, social media ninjas.

2. Chief Interruption Officer: You are the interrupting cow?

3. Mobile Evangelist: The evangelists in the Bible sure had it easy, traveling distant lands to spread The Word of God. Pity the poor mobile evangelist, jetting around the world to hobnob at conferences and spread The Word of Steve.

4. Chief Trouble Maker: This could go two ways. You’re either a rammy two-year old or a puppy who chews shoes. Take your pick.

5. Grand Poobah of PR: At least when you attain this position at the Moose Lodge, you get a fun hat.

6. Minister of Intel: Snooping around the office and eavesdropping on people’s conversations doesn’t mean you should have a special title. It means you’re nosey.

7. Content Czar: Rupert Murdoch? It’s probably time to give up that title since you abused your power. Why don’t you and the Grand Poobah just take off your hats.


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