Why a sports betting company will brand the new train line to MetLife Stadium

BetMGM, which offers online sports betting, teamed up with Intersection, an OOH technology company, to produce a digital outdoor advertising campaign to reach sports fans attending events at MetLife Stadium.

NJ Transit’s signage and advertising were rebranded to accommodate a new rail line that goes directly to MetLife along with print and digital ads. The exact financial agreement was not provided.

“Our goal with this partnership with NJ Transit was to increase BetMGM brand exposure and further strengthen our strong relationship with the state of New Jersey, where BetMGM is headquartered,” said Matt Prevost, chief revenue officer at BetMGM. “We see huge value in creative OOH placements and think these particular OOH ads are innovative.”

In strategically placed high-traffic areas around the Secaucus Junction in New Jersey, the OOH displays will feature large format media, including huge rotunda banner panels, glass panels, stair risers and extensive digital screen coverage that will feature 74 non-interactive screens, three interactive transit kiosks, a large-format video wall, and a new LED screen that will be installed in the rotunda in a matter of weeks.

“BetMGM was looking for a first-to-market, outside-of-the-box solution that would break through the clutter,” said Scott Goldsmith, president and chief operating officer at Intersection. “They wanted massive visibility at Secaucus Junction, which is the transfer point to MetLife Stadium, home of the Jets and Giants.”

As part of the three-year partnership, NJ Transit will highlight Intersection partnership’s branding including its website, directional signage at Secaucus Junction, NJ Transit’s app, NJ Transit stations, and NJ Transit maps. “During the months where BetMGM is active with media, some formats are statewide such as interior car cards, two-sheets, and digital while other elements are centered around the Secaucus Junction Domination,” said Goldsmith.

It is unclear how much of Intersection’s advertising budget is allocated to this campaign, as Goldsmith and Prevost declined to share overall budget specifics. According to Pathmatics data, Intersection spent $279,900 so far this year on advertising efforts while BetMGM spent a little over $24 million. Goldsmith did say that 90% is allocated to static advertising, and 10% is dedicated to digital OOH.

As the NFL season continues and travel is back to pre-pandemic levels, brands are taking advantage of the situation in their own way. Among them: Shimmy’s partnership with Gillette Stadium, PepsiCo’s Instacart campaign, Listerine’s outdoor advertising campaign, and ESPN’s fantasy football campaign.

“This feels like a natural extension of the out-of-home activations and naming rights agreements that sports fans are accustomed to with stadium naming sponsorships,” said Amanda Thurston, partner at Prophet, a growth strategy consulting firm. “Well-executed signage and advertising messaging can serve as a continuation of the stadium experience, building excitement for event attendees as they travel, be it by train or car.”

Goldsmith concluded that Intersection hopes to continue the industry-leading sponsorship program at NJ Transit and other transit authorities across the United States. “The BetMGM and NJ Transit agreement is a prime example of how Intersection can generate meaningful, non-farebox revenue for our transit authority partners, which off-sets operating costs and create one-of-a-kind experiences for our advertising partners,” Goldsmith said.


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