This Is The Most Creative Online Resume Yet

The Internet has given rise to some creative resumes over the years. There was the Google search resume, the parent pitch, the human Amazon product listing and the “lost passport” gambit.

But this effort from current Fox News designer Robby Leonardi might be the best we’ve seen yet. Taking cues from a platform-style video game like Super Mario, the one-page interactive resume has visitors control “super” Robby trudging through a beautifully illustrated world, touring his skills, experience, and interests along the way.

The site has caught the attention of various marketing and technology pros, too. “We need to break this kid out of Fox News ASAP,” tweeted Robert Stephens, GeekSquad founder and former Best Buy CTO. “1UP” added Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer, using a Super Mario reference.

Describing it doesn’t do it justice, so go check it out for yourself at


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