Japan is moving fast on an Amazon Go-style push to make its drug stores and convenience stores cashier-free.

As of this week, all of the items in six of Japan’s convenience store chains, including 7-Eleven Japan, FamilyMart and Ministop, are to be embedded with Avery Dennison RFID tags as part of the country’s initiative to automate all convenience stores by 2025. The tags, called the WaveSafe RFID tags, are able to be microwaved for up to five minutes, making up for a previous limitation on what could safely be tagged with the technology. The initiative, put into place by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, is working with Avery Dennison to roll out unmanned stores as a way to solve for Japan’s workforce and supply chain challenges. Since products will be tagged with RFID tech when they’re manufactured, the technology will also make supply chains more traceable and inventory management easier for stores.

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