Overheard quotes, matching outfits and soup: The best of offbeat agency Slack channels

Ad agencies use Slack to deepen their relationships with clients and structure their workflows, but it’s not all work and no play. Agencies including R/GA and Burns Group have created Slack channels to discuss topics like the company cafe’s soup offerings, TV shows and quotes heard around the office.

Digiday compiled a list of unconventional channels:

R/GA: #soupsitch
R/GA staffers in the New York office use the #soupsitch channel to review and rate the soups the agency serves in its cafe. Employees post videos of themselves trying the soups and suggest hacks to improve them, like adding cheese from the salad bar. The cafe’s chef uses #soupsitch to find out the soups people like best more often. Once, employees campaigned for a grilled cheese and tomato soup and the next week, the chef obliged.

A conversation about soup bowls taking place in R/GA’s #soupsitch Slack channel.

Burns Group: #BG_Twinning
One of Burns Group’s most amusing Slack channels is #BG_Twinning, for photos of co-workers wearing similar outfits. Burns Group CEO Joanne McKinney said it’s one of her favorite channels. “We know we have a lot in common — obviously, we share the same career and spend every day together — but it still surprises me every time.”

A photo shared in Burns Group’s #BG_Twinning Slack channel

Firstborn: #FB_Brew
Firstborn has Slack channels for employees who like running and barbecue, but the most popular one centers around beer. The #FB_Brew channel was born after employees started to bring in their favorite local beers and host weekly tastings. Then, Firstborn began brewing its own beer in-house for its events and to send to clients to celebrate project launches. “We use the Slack channel to develop recipes, share new designed labels and discuss all things beer,” said Ben Kainz, producer and brewmaster for Firstborn.

A photo of Firstborn’s homemade beer in its #FB_Brew Slack channel.

North: #random_heard
The Portland, Oregon-based creative agency created its #random_heard channel for employees to share their favorite quotes they overheard around the office. “It’s good for keeping people humble, and even better for blackmail,” quipped Jordan Delapoer, partner and director of brand strategy at North.

Quotes from North’s #random_heard Slack channel

PMG: #couch-potatoes
In PMG’s #couch-potatoes channel, employees discuss their favorite TV shows and movies.

A conversation in PMG’s #couch-potatoes Slack channel

Deutsch: #leftovers
Agency hours can be long, so it’s important to know where the next meal is coming from. In 2016, a Deutsch intern created #leftovers to alert Deutsch’s New York office to free food. “With free food, the faster you can make it to the 14th-floor kitchen, the more likely you are to get the Dunwell donuts,” said Vonda LePage, evp and director of communications at Deutsch.

The first message in Deutsch’s #leftovers Slack channel

Digital Kitchen: #random
This Digital Kitchen channel is where bizarre and offbeat articles are shared. “Opinions are shared, alliances are formed and lifelong friendships are forged through every Lil Tay post and LaCroix dissection,” said said Joran Thompson, the agency’s director of business development.

A conversation in Digital Kitchen’s #random Slack channel.

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