Kit Kat Gets Artsy with its Chocolate

Kit Kat wants its limited edition white chocolate Kit Kats to live on forever. So the chocolate candy brand decided to get artsy, because what better way to preserve something than immortalize it in a piece of candy art.

Kit Kat got Australian illustrator Mike Watt to make 50 original works of Kit Kat art for its “Final Fifty” campaign. The medium was the last 50 white chocolate bars melted down. Watt used the molten white chocolate to paint 50 different images onto canvas. Watt used a knife to scrape out his designs, creating white chocolate reliefs. It’s pretty cool.

You can see a gallery of all 50 works of Kit Kat art on the brand’s Facebook page. Kit Kat is asking fans to pick their favorite of the “final fifty” and explain why.

Watch the video below to see how Watt created his chocolate paintings.
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