Erin, go blech: Brands go green for St. Patrick’s Day

Today, everyone is Irish. And that means, in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, brands are feeling lucky on Twitter, posting rainbows, four-leaf clovers, basically anything to do with the Emerald Isle, for a bit of real-time marketing.

Here’s to brands going a little green today:


Lucky Charms

This is one brand where it makes perfect sense to weigh in on the day. The best charms are the ones that are made of sugar, apparently. 


With a name like Smucker’s … you can expect a groan-worthy pun or two. 


We’re not sure that there’s gold at the end of that rainbow, Charmin.


Hm. Is a soapy sudsy kiss is better than a greasy pizza kiss? Discuss.

The Vitamin Shoppe

We’ll have whatever “vitamins” that leprechaun has been taking?

Green Giant

Thanks for reminding us of those less lucky, leafy greens, Green Giant.


Cheers, Cheerios.

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