The best brand mascot Twitter bios

There is a peculiar corporate species on Twitter, one that hovers somewhere between endearing and off-putting, corny and genuinely amusing. It can come in peanut shape or with bunny ears or as a dollop of chocolate. It is the company mascot with its own Twitter feed.

They get into manufactured spats and they tell groan-inducing jokes. And the very best of them have Twitter bios that are better than yours or mine.

Here are a few of Digiday’s favorites:

Mr. Peanut

Even while he’s weighing in on the new monocle trend, Mr. Peanut likes to keep things short and simple.

Ms. Green M&M’S®

The high-maintenance, femme fatale of M&M’s is clearly not a pushover.

Tony the Tiger

When Tony’s not busy rolling his ‘rs,’ he’s butting into Twitter conversations that mention “Frosted Flakes,” even if they’re not directed at the brand:

Chester Cheetah

It looks like spokescat Chester Cheetah also answers the phones at Cheetos HQ:

The Energizer Bunny

An improvement over Energizer’s former highly charged mascot (remember Jacko?), the pink rabbit clearly loves run-on sentences and no periods, which fit his image.

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