The boldest proclamations from Glossy’s first year

In May, we launched Glossy to chronicle the modernization of the fashion and luxury industries as the result of technology. With so much change happening, it was an exciting time to be entering the space — and it has since kept us on our toes. Throughout the year, we have had the opportunity to work with a number of industry insiders who have been ready and willing to share their expert predictions and strong opinions with us on everything from see-now-buy-now to chatbots. These are their most memorable proclamations to date.

Fashion brands are saddled with “layers of bullshit.”
In May, during the second-ever Glossy Podcast, Trey Laird, the creative director and founder of Laird + Partners and former head of brand at Donna Karan, said brands are falling behind in social and digital due to their entrenched bureaucratic structures and “fear-based decision making.” On the other hand, he praised the Tom Ford brand for the fact that one man — Tom Ford — makes every decision. “You don’t have to go through layers of bullshit and it’s not a committee,” he said. To read the rest of this story, please visit Glossy.

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