Adidas Does Real-Time Twitter Campaign

Adidas UK has created a real-time Twitter game for its latest campaign.

In celebration of Wimbeldon and Andy Murray fans, Adidas is using the hasthag #hitthewinner to turn Murray’s matches into live Twitter games. For each of Murray’s matches Adidas will show a visualization of the opponent’s side of the court as a grid. Fans must watch Murray’s matches and guess which spot on his opponent’s side of the court he will hit his winning shots to. Before each set, fans have to tweet using the #hitthewinner hashtag along with the number of the square they think the winning shot will go to.

Players of #hitthewinner will have a chance to win prizes like tickets to Murray’s next game, Adidas clothing and limited edition footwear.

This is a smart way to get involved in a real-time online conversation. Sporting events are always hot topics on social media, with passionate fans actively tweeting along as their favorite athletes compete. By creating a real-time Twitter game, Adidas has found a way to naturally become part of that online conversation without it feeling overly forced.


Image via Shutterstock

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