5 More Dumb Brand Posts That Got Tons of Likes

There is no short supply of examples of brands posting pointless, cheesy things to Facebook that actually generate thousands of likes and comments. It’s sad, but true. We already showed you five examples of this, and here are five more.

1. Dove Chocolate: This post about Christmas decorating featuring a chocolate bar with Christmas lights (because that is definitely something that people do) got 2,063 likes, 125 shares and 110 comments.

2. Clorox: Washing your hands after using the restroom should go without saying, but apparently Clorox thinks it’s a good question to ask in this post, which got 3,030 likes, 62 shares and 1,101 comments.

3. Taco Bell: This completely generic and pointless post got 32,781 likes, 353 shares and 1,345 comments.

4. Svedka: This boring, low-quality picture of a Svedka bottle along with an all-caps question got 2,126 likes, 78 shares and 70 comments.

5. Pepsi: This cheesy post with a generic brand image got 8,112 likes, 379 shares and 143 comments.  

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