Meet TV Land, SunPower and Caesars at the Digiday Content Marketing Summit

The Digiday Content Marketing Summit, taking place from Feb. 10-12 in Austin, Texas, is a forum for brands to discuss the ingredients of a successful content marketing strategy, from hiring the right people to building a technology stack to automate the process.

Sessions will include:

The summit includes more than sit-down sessions. Day 2 will feature Tim Washer, senior manager of social media at Cisco, sharing his speedy and unfiltered thoughts on industry buzzwords.

Attendees can connect with these brands during 10-minute meetings, which will take place on the first two days of the summit. These speed dating-type meetings pair sell-side attendees with buy-side executives looking for solutions to take their content to the next level. Learn more about how to participate in these meetings and view the agenda for the  Digiday Content Marketing Summit by clicking here.

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