Unpacked: The evolution of omnichannel measurement for marketers

Throughout the history of advertising, the principle of marketing has always been reaching and engaging audiences. And that principle remains the same, even as channels, devices and media proliferate. 

As the number of connected devices per household has increased and consumers are multitasking, an area of unique challenge for marketers is omnichannel measurement. Effective measurement depends on finding solutions to challenges created by fragmentation, siloed signals, industry shifts, changes to addressability and more.

In this Unpacked explainer guide, Digiday and Amazon Ads highlight the opportunities and obstacles marketers are facing when it comes to the measurement of omnichannel campaigns, how better measurement approaches are evolving and the steps teams can take to improve their measurement strategies going forward. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • How to measure across channels in a fragmented media landscape
  • Steps for unifying signals and discovering relevant omnichannel insights
  • Measuring full-funnel results for omnichannel campaigns
  • How measurement informs omnichannel campaign strategy
  • Approaches to identifying strong technology partners

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