Guide: How to ‘Level Up’ your career in an AI-powered industry

Thanks to a combination of improved computing power, cheap data storage and an unprecedented availability of data from all corners, AI is poised to reshape our working world. Tasks like booking flights, answering frequently asked questions, monitoring social media feeds and tagging creative assets are likely to be turned over to AI, allowing humans to leap to the next level.

However, according to a recent McKinsey report, just 5 percent of jobs are completely automatable, while most others will only see about a third of their functions usurped by machines. That’s why we surveyed more than 400 marketing and advertising executives to find out where our industry is applying AI, which departments are well-versed in the technology and how it could reshape those roles in the next two to five years.

Download the guide now and learn what you need to know to keep up in this changing world.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Marketers are still relying on their agencies to sort out which AI opportunities are most relevant, but they need to get up to speed fast.
  • Media buyers seem to be the most vulnerable, but they may ultimately be the most indispensable.
  • Strategists aren’t seeing the big picture yet, possibly because of AI has been applied so far.
  • And creatives think they’re untouchable, even if AI is quickly improving at writing, editing and music composition.

So strap on those headphones, power up your console and get ready Player One. Automation is about to make your job much more interesting. Grab the e-book today.

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