UK February 10

Many local news publishers have trouble keeping up with the changes that have paced digital advertising over the years, so much so that some have even contemplated reducing their reliance on ads altogether. But the results of a recent test suggest those publishers might be able to keep pace with the business model taking shape as third-party cookies are deprecated. Read more below.

  • A test on Local Media Consortium’s identifier found that using it led to significantly better outcomes for publishers.
  • Discussions at this year’s IAB ALM indicate the scale of the gulf that has to be addressed between the different tiers of the online media industry if the current projections of growth are to be realized.
  • The ad industry is moving out of a pandemic-powered period of growth and into one of financial flux, where issues like inflation and bottlenecks in the supply chain make it harder for advertisers to drive demand.
  • Publishers are rethinking what the journey looks like for readers to become a subscriber. More in this Digiday+ Media Briefing.
  • The contradiction of the reality of data abuse versus how it is perceived by two of the major players in advertising played out on Wednesday.
  • Perhaps it’s not a small world after all: the final three months of 2021 provided a shot in the arm for Disney’s streaming subscription business.
  • Spicy snacks are back, baby! (Or at least Frito-Lay seems to think so). The company is using the Super Bowl to make people see Flamin’ Hot as its own brand rather than a flavor for chips like Cheetos and Doritos.