Daily June 16

Digiday asked Cannes veterans — those who have been on the front lines and seen it all — for advice to help make the return to Cannes Lions as stress-free as possible.

Additional coverage:

  • The Los Angeles Times has formed a six-person team to create content on Instagram and TikTok for young, diverse consumers who may not already be part of the news publisher’s audience.
  • In this week’s Media Briefing, media editor Kayleigh Barber reports on how the economic slowdown and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature have affected newsletter publishers’ advertising businesses.
  • Digital accessibility is something almost everyone in the industry can get behind — more than 80% of agency and brand executives agree that more must be done about it. But digital accessibility is also something that is not often talked about.
  • When the great and the good of the industry assemble for Cannes Lions in the South of France next week, they will do so against the backdrop of a world more polarized, more politicized and more tumultuous than ever. A lot has changed since the last festival in 2019.
  • If there’s one big takeaway from Boathouse’s CMO Survey, it’s that CEOs need their CMOs to shoulder more of the complex burden of leading.
  • Vistaprint works with millions of small businesses around the world. It’s no wonder, then, that the company touts small businesses in its advertising, including through its partnership with NBA team the Boston Celtics.
  • As the digital advertising marketplace becomes increasingly more crowded and expensive, creator marketplace company LTK is ramping up video marketing efforts to scale.
  • Along with giving online shopping new search capabilities, Sam’s Club will now let advertisers buy sponsored product ads through a self-service platform.