YouTube Stars Pitch New Movie Chronicle

The YouTube response videos to the movie “Chronicle” are already popping up — a week before the movie opens.

That’s because 20th Century Fox, the studio behind the teen sci-fi drama, has commissioned several YouTube stars to produce clips inspired by the movie.

20th Century Fox has partnered with Big Frame, a talent company specifically built to manage YouTube-born talent, to create videos promoting and in some cases spoofing Chronicle, a tale of teen superpowers gone wrong.

Specifically, Big Frame has tapped the YouTube stars DeStorm, MrDeshawnRaw and MysteryGuitarMan to crank out “Chronicle” clips. For example, starting on Thursday Destorm, who has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, will roll out a clip detailing life with telekinesis.

Similarly, MrDeshawnRaw will produce a rap-infused infomercial parody warning of the dangers of telekinesis. In total, the three Big Frame-repped artists reach 3.5 million subscribers across their channels.

Beside fostering YouTube talent, Big Frame manages a YouTube content presence of its own. In fact, the company is one of the close-to-100 production firms participating in YouTube 100-channel launch this year. According to ComScore, Big Frame’s YouTube content reached 8.3 million unique viewers in December.
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