Women Are From Facebook, Men Are From LinkedIn

Ladies Lagging on LinkedIn: While there is all this talk about mommy bloggers and women driving social media, according to a study from social scientists at LinkedIn, men are better at social networking than women. However, it seems that these results have more to do with how they defined and measured social media “savviness.” As the study explains, “We measure networking ‘savviness’ as a ratio of two things: 1) the ratio of one-way connections that men have to connections that women have, and 2) the ratio of male members on LinkedIn to female members. We label an industry as “female savvy” when, for example, 45 percent of the industry is female and where women have 70 percent of the connections.” The fact that LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that has more male than female users may have something to do with the favorable male results. The Atlantic

Keanu Embraces Meme: Remember the popular “Sad Keanu Reeves” meme that feature a picture of a dejected Reeves sitting on a park bench? Well, Reeves is capitalizing on his Sad Keanu persona by releasing a tongue-in-cheek book called “Ode To Happiness,” which is a collection of inkblot paintings (enhanced by tear stains) with sad captions. For example, one caption reads, “I draw a hot sorrow bath” and “In my despair room.” Keanu Reeves has a sense of self-deprecating humor? Who knew? NY Daily News


Virtual Pop Star: Only in Japan: the newest member of the very popular all-girl Japanese idol group AKB 48, Aimi Eguchi, turned out to be fake; not like “oh she acts all cute and innocent, but she’s totally not” fake, but fake as in she was a computer-generated composite of the real band members. The whole ruse was part of a publicity stunt. Wonder if they’ll keep Aimi in the band. Singularity Hub

Tumblr of the Day: poems about internet dating

PSA of the Day: Here is a PSA of sorts from Courtney Stodden, the “16-year-old” girl who just got married to Lost actor Dough Hutchison, age 51. Yeah. Gawker


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