Time to Waste Time

Time Wasting 101: The Internet has changed a lot about the way we function; it’s made a lot of things easier, like how we waste time. Gone are the days of sitting and twiddling your thumbs, going for a stroll, or flipping through the glossies to pass the time. Now we have the interwebz and all of its delightful distractions, like blogs, social networks, and WebMD that magically turn minutes into hours upon hours and keep us from being productive. Here is a list from Gawker of the 10 easiest ways to waste time. I’m sure there are a few more of your own personal favorites you could add to the list. (I know I get stuck on Netflix looking at stuff to add to my Instant Queue — it’s impossible to turn down the “You might also like…”) Thank god for the Internet. Gawker

My Super Sweet 16: Want to throw the craziest party of the year? Then just post your party invitation to Facebook — and make sure not to make it private, even though it has your home address on it. That’s what an about-to-be 16-year-old girl in Germany did, and her party turned out to be the biggest birthday bash she probably never wanted! The invitation quickly went viral, and over 1,500 of her closest fellow Facebook users showed up at her house, and then 100 police officers came too! Wow, she is super popular. There were small fires, injuries, and some temporary detainments. Overall success. Good job Facebook. AP

Weinergate Update: For just six bucks you can have a taste of Anthony’s Weiners!Der Kommissar, a sausage place in Park Slope, in honor of inappropriate Twit pic posting NY Rep. Anthony Weiner, is selling “Anthony’s Weiners,” a dish that features two beef hot dogs on French bread brushed with olive oil, and sauerkraut and a pickle on the side. NY Daily News

Monday Distraction: Here are 65 obnoxious (but well deserved) responses to Facebook misspellings. somecards

Tumblr of the Day: Distractions are the theme of the day! Here’s another one. Pretty pictures and graphics for you to look at instead of doing work: Addicted to Consumerism


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