The Signal: Android Study

Android Study: Everyone gets all worked up about mobile data tracking and privacy, but what if it’s for a study? PhD student at the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory Daniel Wagner is conducting a new study about Android device usage, which is aimed at putting together a comprehensive overview of how people use their Android phones. To participate in the study you must download a free app, the Device Analyzer. As the study’s website explains, “Users opting into the Device Analyzer study agree to give Cambridge University researchers access to data about certain aspects of their mobile phone usage, including how often they charge their phones, numbers and lengths of phone calls and texts, which applications they use, which networks they are connected to, their usage of Wifi and Bluetooth devices, as well as choice of operating system settings.” Users can opt-out at any time and have their data deleted from the university’s server; also all data collected is anonymous. The Next Web

Facebook Mobile Plans: All Things D breaks down all of the rumors and buzz about Facebook’s upcoming mobile products, like what is Project Spartan? What does HTML5 mean for Facebook? And is Facebook at war with TechCrunch? All Things D

Facebook Addict’s Phone: If you have a Facebook dependency issue, here is the phone for you! The HTC ChaCha. It has a dedicated Facebook button, but otherwise nothing about it is too groundbreaking. TechCrunch

Smartphone Checkout: Why wait for new phones that can handle in-store transactions when you can just enable your current phone to act as an e-wallet? Naratte Inc. is expected to announce a technology called Zoosh that uses features that already exist on smartphones to complete short-range transactions through ultrasonic sound technology. NYT

Instagram Buzz: If you haven’t heard of Instagram, you must be living under a rock. The social photo sharing app has grown tremendously and continues to gain users at a rapid rate. Check out this video interview with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

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