BuzzFeed has barely gotten started in the brand licensing space, but it’s already part of that industry’s conversations. This week, License Global, a trade publication that serves the $271 billion brand licensing industry, named BuzzFeed’s collaboration with Macy’s on a line of Goodful-branded products among its 10 most-discussed brand licensing collaborations. The inclusion put BuzzFeed in the company of brand licensing heavyweights including Disney, Warner Bros. and Coca Cola. BuzzFeed was the only publisher to make the list.

Brand licensing can take years to start generating real revenue for a licensor, but BuzzFeed’s proven itself to be a quick study. Since hiring its first head of brand licensing, Eric Karp, in 2017, Buzzfeed has forged numerous partnerships and licensing deals for its media brands, with Tasty leading the charge. There is now a line of Tasty cookware sold exclusively at Walmart, a line of Tasty-branded ice cream flavors and two Tasty food stands at Madison Square Garden; a separate partnership with an electronics manufacturer, as well as a line of Nifty-branded products, are expected to arrive soon this year. A BuzzFeed spokesperson said retail sales of BuzzFeed-branded products this year are expected to “more than double” the $130 million generated in 2018.

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