The Feed: Facebook’s Child Army


Barely Legal: Looks like youngins are getting on Facebook, despite the age restriction. Facebook’s site policy requires users to be 13 or over; but according to a recent Consumer Report survey, 7.5 million U.S. Facebook users over the past year were under the age of 13. Over 5 million of these underage users were under the age of 11! Am I surprised? No. Kids always want to do things before they are allowed to (driving, drinking, and other things…), and, duh, do you know how easy it is to lie about your age online? Just enter a different birth year or click a box that says “I certify that I am x number of years old.” Done. Luckily, Facebook does have a feature that lets users report accounts registered to users who are under 13 so that these accounts can be deleted. Be vigilant. If you or anyone you know knows about underage Facebook users, do the right thing: report them. JK! You know those kids will just make a new account. If they get bullied on FB, it’s their fault, right? Bloomberg


Tumblr vs. 4chan: God, Internet dork forces are the worst. It looks like 4chan’ers are after Tumblr again. The same groups of bored, Internet-addicted kids who started trouble with Tumblr last November have risen again to attack Tumblr. Don’t they have other things to do besides trolling the Web? Like, oh I don’t know, homework or baseball practice or piano lessons? Or how about some good old-fashioned TV watching? Apparently these 4chan’ers are upset at Tumblr users for taking over memes; but one Tumblr tweeted in defense, “Yo, 4chan, stop talking shit about Tumblr, you cunts. No one owns memes, bastards. Get your head out of our ass.” Everyone just needs to relax. There are plenty of memes to go around. Jeez.  Gawker

Digital Diseases: Here is another ridiculous digital age diagnosis: e-hoarding. Thanks NBC Miami local news for this breaking medical news. NBC Miami

Pic of the Day: Oh, the magic of photoshop. The Cool Hunter


Tweets of the Day: Comedy in 140 characters or less. Check out Wired’s compilation of funny tweets from funny people. Wired

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