The Feed: Facebook’s Censorship Problem


More Facebook Censorship: Facebook is really getting censorship happy. Last week it was a Courbet, this week it is an innocent picture of two men kissing. The picture was posted in a Facebook event for a “kiss in” held at an English pub that had ejected two men for kissing. According to the warning email that Facebook sent to the poster, the image was removed “because it violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Shares that contain nudity, or any kind of graphic or sexually suggestive content, are not permitted on Facebook.” This is really offensive. First of all, there is no nudity or any suggestive or graphic content of any kind in said photo. Secondly, there are soooo many (gross) pictures of heterosexual couples kissing (and worse) all over Facebook that have not been flagged and removed. I would rather see a picture of an attractive gay couple like this one kissing over most of the cringe-worthy straight couple pics any day. Shame on you FB for being homophobic. Gawker


Ask Jesse Jackson Jr.: According to Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL), Steve Jobs and the iPad are responsible for American unemployment. As Jackson Jr. explains, everyone is downloading stuff like newspapers, books, and even textbooks onto their iPads, and as a result “all the jobs associated with paper” are disappearing. Jackson Jr. sounds the most upset about the fact that Chicago State University is now giving out iPads to freshmen so that they can download their textbooks. Sounds likes someone is just jealous that he doesn’t have an iPad. Business Insider




Brits Try to Sound Like Us: The cast of BBC series Dr. Who try to read tweets from Snooki, Ghostface Killah, and Sarah Palin in their best American accents. Too bad they didn’t just read them in their normal British accents—would make Snooki’s “Dolphins are so fricken amazing” sound a lot better. Dumb Americans. Buzzfeed


Well Done Sir: Best resumé I’ve ever seen. The Daily What

Yummy Tumblr of the Day: Bake it in a Cake

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