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Text Over Talk: If my phone rings, there’s a 90 percent chance it’s my mother, and by phone I mean my iPhone. Landline? No way. If I want to make plans, I text. For me, calling someone is usually reserved for making doctor’s appointments, explaining something that is too annoying to text, or making someone talk me through emotional and/or mental breakdowns; otherwise it’s texting and email. It seems that most people are this way now. Texting and emailing are just easier than dealing with awkward silences and pauses on the phone, and these forms of communication don’t put people on the spot. Is this the way it should be? Should phone calls be limited to necessary, business related interactions? Or do you like picking up the phone and chatting? NYT


Twitter Can be Worthwhile: As much as I rag on Twitter for giving everyone their own virtual 24/7 soapboxes, the microblogging site does of course have some merits. Twitter has become a useful breaking news tool, especially in light of all of the recent global turmoil (civil unrest in Libya and the tsunami in Japan). Take a look at Mashable’s compilation of nine newsworthy Twitpics that document groundbreaking news. Mashable


Tumblr of the Day: OK it’s not a tumblr, but it’s a site you should be checking regularly to see how Facebook enriches our lives: lamebook.

This is Trouble: Speaking of Facebook offshoots, a new site called lets you rant about any Facebook user. It’s very easy, as the site instructs, “Anonymous comments about every facebook user. Select a user by visiting the user’s Facebook profile and pasting the url below,” then post as many slanderous comments as you like. Search your name and see what people are saying. This can only lead to bad things, very bad things….CNET


Very, Very Sneaky: If you don’t know that what you are seeing is an ad, does that mean it’s not a good ad, or is it the best ad ever? A viral campaign for the movie Limitless (now in theaters) shows a guy hacking video billboards in Times Square. The video makes no reference to the movie except for at the end of the video, a red balloon that flies across a video billboard that is about to be hacked, which happens to be showing a the movie preview. Gothamist

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