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Feeling sorry for yourself because it’s a Monday and you are stuck back at work (and not working obviously because you are reading this)? Here’s a Tumblr for you and other complainers: White Whine.


Tired of hearing about SXSW yet? Then you need Lanyrd’s extension Not at SXSW, which blocks all tweets that reference the aforementioned Austin festival and also blocks all tweets from known attendees. TechCrunch



See, this is why social media is the worst—it gives everyone a voice, makes everyone feel like they should broadcast their thoughts, feelings, and geographic coordinates for everyone else to read. It’s responsible for so much unnecessary crap floating around in the universe, whether it’s a notification that what’s-his-face and “5 others” are checking in at “Bistro Look at Me! Look At Me!” or tweets about public breast feeding and diet pills from one of the Kardashians, and now this: in response to the devastating earthquakes and tsunami in Japan this weekend, some American idiots rejoice via Facebook statuses that eloquently announce in one way or another that karma is a b*tch, you know, because of Pearl Harbor. Vice


Also in poor taste regarding Japan’s recent natural disasters are Microsoft and Apple’s overtly self-promotional Japan disaster relief campaigns. If you want to donate directly to help Japan, text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Mashable


OK, OK, I know not everything is bad about social media, especially when it comes to political and social activism (as we’ve seen with social media’s role in the uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia) and natural disaster relief (Twitter and Facebook were vital modes of communication during last year’s earthquakes in Chili and Haiti). In times of tragedy and disaster like Japan is currently facing, social media can help people all over the world come together to help spread emergency information and up-to-the-minute news and give moral and financial support.  Join in on the relief efforts being made on Facebook and Twitter to help Japan. HuffPo

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