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There’s a Site for That: Need to spruce up your resume with more work experience that is relevant to a new job you are applying for? Need more references with actual contacts and numbers to call? It’s easy! You don’t need any real work experience, and you don’t need any real phone numbers of past employers. All you need is They’ll take care of everything for you. They also have a “Funeral Excuse” service in case you have used up all of your vacation days and still want to take that two week Mediterranean cruise you’ve been planning. Thank god for the Internet.


Ways Around the Wall: We know you are all unhappy about having to pay for the NYT now, but cry no more. Besides the fact that the NYT has made it possible to still view 20 free articles a day along with unlimited articles through search, blog, and social network links, two Mashable readers found a really easy way to avoid the paywall. Just remove “?gwh=numbers” from the URL. Happy Hacking. (DIGIDAY:DAILY doesn’t necessarily condone hacking). Mashable


Love is (Species) Blind: Who doesn’t love a good interspecies relationship pic? Get ready for a cuteness overload, because here are 40. urlesque


Making New Friends: Facebook is looking to hire President Obama’s former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs for a senior position to manage the company’s communications. Apparently Gibbs had been planning to help with Obama’s re-election campaign before taking a job in the private sector, but with Facebook’s alleged offer of a cash salary and shares ahead of the company’s initial offering, he may want to head over to the private sector a little sooner than he had anticipated. NYT


DPS Park City Pic of the Day: You can see we have a pretty broad definition of business casual here at the DPS — that is a man in a jerky suit, a Perky Jerky suit, to be exact.

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