The Digits: YuMe’s Video Advertising Report


YuMe, a leading video advertising technology company, recently released its 2010 Video Advertising Metrics Report based on data from the 30 million + ad impressions per day YuMe serves for more than 600 publishers. The report supports pre-roll’s popularity and reveals that women have a significantly higher video completion rate than males. “As consumers turn more and more to online and mobile options for video entertainment”,  stated Jayant Kadambi, president and co-founder of YuMe in a press release, “brands are moving ad dollars to reach these consumers wherever they might be.”  Key findings include;

Format and Completion Rates

Pre-roll continues to be the dominant ad format, representing 96.7% of YuMe’s volume in Q4

15 second pre-roll remains the most common ad length making up 57% of impressions served in Q4.

The Female audience continues to have a higher video completion rate at 74% versus 67% for Males.


Persons 25-54 was the most requested age demographic by marketers overall, representing 18% of the total Request for Proposal (RFP) volume in 2010.

Additionally, females 25 to 54 were the most frequently requested gender target; and jumped from 10% of RFPs in Q3 to 15% in Q4.


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketers dominate the online video advertising volume with 27% of all spending in 2010.

Auto and Entertainment trailed close behind at 12% and 9%, respectively.

YuMe saw a 50% increase of in-stream video ad impressions served from Q3 to Q4. Additionally, the network served the highest amount of ad impressions in California at 10.6% of total volume, followed by Texas at 6.8% and New York at 6.2%.

Learn more about the report here.
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