The Digits: comScore’s Digital and Mobile Year in Review Reports


ComScore’s latest roundup of mobile and digital stats for 2010 offered a few surprises and confirmed that social and mobile are still in a state of uncertainty and rapid growth. This week we recap the highlights of comScore’s recently released Digital Year in Review and Mobile Year in Review.

E-commerce Bounces Back

E-commerce spending  in the U.S. reached $227.6 billion in 2010, up 9 percent versus the previous year. Travel e-commerce spending grew 6 percent to $85.2 billion, while retail (non-travel) e-commerce spending jumped 10 percent to $142.5 billion for the year.

Social Networks Continue to Rise

9 out of every 10 U.S. Internet users are now visiting a social networking site at least once per month, and the average Internet user is spending more than 4 hours on these sites each month. Nearly 1 out of every 8 minutes online is spent on Facebook.


The Search Markets Grows

The core search market in the U.S. grew 12 percent overall in 2010, aided by a 4 percent increase in unique searchers and an 8-percent increase in the number of search queries per searcher.


Drowning in Display Ads

U.S. Internet users received a total of 4.9 trillion display ads in 2010 with display ad impressions growing 23 percent in December 2010 versus December 2009. Social networking sites are now responsible for more than one-third of all display ad impressions.


Online Video Usage Rises

In December 2010, the average American spent more than 14 hours watching online video, a 12 percent increase from the prior year, and streamed a record 201 videos, an 8 percent increase.


Mobile Web Usage Not Ubiquitous

36 percent of mobile Americans and 29 percent of Europeans browsed the mobile web in December 2010, with access through an application reaching 34 percent of Americans and 28 percent of Europeans. Across regions, mobile browsing and application usage is growing in the range of 7-9 percentage points per year.


Japan is Connected

More than 75 percent of mobile subscribers in Japan are connected media users (used their browser, accessed applications or downloaded content),  far surpassing the U.S. and European countries in this regard. Japan also saw nearly 10 percent of its mobile audience make a purchase with their mobile wallet in December 2010.


Mobile Social Explodes

During the past year the number of mobile users that accessed a social networking site at least once a month via their mobile device increased by 56 percent to nearly 58 million users in the U.S. Even stronger growth occurred in Europe, with a 75 percent increase in the number of users over the last year to 42 million in December 2010.


Download a copy of comScore’s 2010 Mobile Year in Review here  and the 2010 Digital Year in Review here

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