The Curation Conundrum

Curation is all the rage. It was a hot topic at South by Southwest last week. One well-attended panel featured The New York Times’ David Carr decrying much of the “curating” out there as simply glomming off the hard work of creators. Much of the conversation highlighted how different people have different definitions of what curation is and is not. Noah Brier, co-founder of curation company Percolate and participant on the panel, is one of the leaders in defining just what is curation. To some it’s just aggregation dressed up with a fancy name. Others see something more, a new form of content dissemination and creation that defies easy labels. That’s why it’s interesting to check out the “What is Curation?” video from Brier’s company Percolate, which content curation tools for brands.  What it comes down to is that curation, when done well, adds to the original article while also informing. You can follow Brier on Twitter at @heyitsnoah.
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