Social TV Is Next Year: Notable Quotes from Digiday Video

Digiday’s Digiday Video conference was held yesterday in New York at the Roosevelt Hotel. Executives from brands, agencies, and video platforms gathered to discuss the state of the online video industry and the challenges that both media buyers and consumers face in wading through the sea of online video content. Panel topics included “A View From the Buy Side, “The New Sheriff – Cleaning Up Online Video,” “TV’s Role in Online Video” and more. Here are some notable quotes from the day.

“There is no reason to buy long-tail video content in an upfront manner.”- Suzanne Claassen, svp of digital standards and investments, SMGx

On bad practices in online video advertising: “The sales process was a bunch of beer pong a few years ago. It’s more sophisticated now.”- Alan Edwards, svp, RealVu

“I’m sure that Facebook would love it if everything we do was implicitly shared. …I may not want to share that I’m watching Jersey Shore”- Sabrina Caluori, vp of social media and performance marketing, HBO

“Incentivized views, we are big believers now. … It’s revolutionized our business. It’s the hottest selling thing we have.”-Mitchell Reichgut, CEO, Jun Group

“Standardization in online video is key to opening the floodgates of brand advertisers.” – Melinda McLaughlin, CMO, Tremor Video

“If it looks like something is inappropriate in your web video campaign, it probably is.”-Scott Ferber, Chairman & CEO, TidalTV/Videology

“Television budgets are safe now. We’re not cannibalizing budgets to the point where Les Moonves and Bob Iger are shaking in their boots.”-Jason Shulman, vp of sales,

“I don’t think women only buy tampons. They buy everything.” –Dina Kaplan, COO, Blip.TV

“Today we have social viewing, not social TV. That’s next year”- Sabrina Caluori, vp of social media and performance marketing, HBO

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