Snapchat’s linked with the NFL to sell big-name brands for a Super Bowl Live Story


Snapchat is ready for its Super Bowl debut. After missing out on the big game last year, it sold out its Live Story with the NFL for the Feb. 7 matchup.

Marriott, Budweiser, Pepsi and Amazon are all going to be Snapchat Super Bowl sponsors, according to sources. Video ads from these sponsors will run amid the Live Story for the game. Budweiser will only be allowed to serve beer ads to users 21 and older.

The ad packages wound up altogether totaling in the “low seven figures,” one source said, revenue the National Football League and Snapchat split.

Selling out its Super Bowl inventory is a lot different from how last year turned out, when Snapchat pitched the game to advertisers but didn’t wind up doing a Live Story. (See the pitch deck here.)

Last year, Snapchat asked for $1.77 million as it looked for a single big-name sponsor to support the entire Live Story. This year, Snapchat has a much closer relationship with the NFL and ran Live Stories throughout the season, including the championship games, which had “Batman V Superman” as a sponsor.

Instead of a single sponsor, though, Snapchat switched tactics, sources said, and looked for multiple sponsors. Snapchat is still an uncertain platform for many advertisers, who are drawn to its highly engaged and young audience, but still not sold on its ability to prove its ad product works. Snapchat doesn’t have the same ad technology as rivals like Facebook, which have measurement and data capabilities that can demonstrate how well ads perform.

“I’m not sure Snapchat has done the work necessary to attribute back the value of the product that they’re offering,” said Jill Sherman, svp of social strategy at DigitasLBi.

Still, for major brands looking to hit its youngest audience, “Snapchat for the Super Bowl makes all the sense in the world,” Sherman said.

Live Stories aren’t the only way brands will leverage Snapchat for the game. Brands will post their own content and perhaps buy Discover video ads, among other strategies, said Orli LeWinter, svp strategy and social marketing at 360i. Discover is the section of Snapchat where top media partners post content to their individually run channels.

“Snapchat is sure to get a ton of views on its Super Bowl Live Story, and there are other ways to get one’s brand on Snapchat during the game, though, which may be much more cost effective,” LeWinter said.

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