Snapchat puts ‘Discover’ somewhere users will actually see

Snapchat’s Discover feature is finally somewhere, well, discoverable.

A redesign, seen below, rolled out to users Monday placing the news and entertainment section one swipe away from the main page in the “Stories” section, where Live Stories and updates from friends are located. Previously, Discover was tucked away in the top right corner of the Stories page with its only indication that it existed was with a small, purple blinking circle.

CEO Evan Spiegel said the initial placement was deliberately hard to find, telling Adweek last month that it was hidden until it could get “the content working.” He said that the app was exploring ways to bring it “front and center,” with today’s tweak apparently being that result.

Discover launched seven months ago with content from 11 media brands including Vice, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan and People. With 200 million people using the app every month, the redesign signals Snapchat’s eagerness to attract more eyeballs to the full-screen ads that appear within the channels.

The redesign also shifts away from the limited 3-by-4 design and instead moves the brands into an endless scroll, perhaps as a way to fit in more channels like a celebrity-focused one that it’s mulling.

The update also placed Live Stories higher on the screen.
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