Short Takes: 24/7 Media Rolls Out Publisher Platform

24/7 Media, part of WPP Group, today announced its 24/7 Connect, a platform for publishers and advertisers launched with the aim of creating a one-stop-shop for sell-side and buy-side ad service.

“We are bringing together the buy-side and sell-side, across all platforms, including mobile and TV, with singular focus on premium advertisers and buyers,” said Nicolle Pangis, 24/7 Media’s vp of product management. Pangis said that the company’s goal is to offer a service that goes one step beyond ad verification, by vetting not only the publishers and their inventory, but the buyers as well.

“It’s not talked about a lot, but problems like this happen frequently, that an advertiser turns out not to be who they say they are. Publishers want to be comfortable with who is buying their inventory as well.”

Open AdStream is integrated with Ominiture’s analytics product and allows clients access to Omniture’s other product lines. “The ad tech industry needs to move towards simplification and we are trying to make this process easier,” said Pangis.

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