A J-pop band appears to hack into iPhones in a new vertically shot music video

Move over OK Go, a spunky Japanese girl group has officially made the coolest music video of the moment.

For its new single “Run and Run,” J-pop girl band Lyrical School produced a mesmerizing video, produced in a vertical format, to make it appear as though they’ve hacked into your iPhone. (And, yes, the video is iPhone-specific. Sorry, Android users.)

In the three-minute video, uploaded to Vimeo on April 6, the six of them take over the viewer’s phone and go on a whirlwind social media tour, making good use of Vine, Twitter, FaceTime and the phone’s camera.

Here’s the video, but the effect is best if you watch it on your iPhone, as intended.

The plot may be lost on non-Japanese speakers, but the effect translates nicely. The video even includes push notifications from (between?) band members, giving the viewer a little second-hand dopamine rush.

It’s Lyrical Run’s first music video and it’s already making an impression. The video is trending on Twitter in Japan ahead of its April 27th release and racked up 50,000 views within the first day of its release. It now has more than 1 million views.

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