Reaching the Mobile Mom

They’re tech savvy and well-read. When they like a product, they buy it consistently, tell their friends about their positive brand experiences and really believe that their favorite brands “get” their lifestyle. According to research released today by Motista, a consumer intelligence technologies company, mobile moms are a rapidly growing new audience segment worth keeping tabs on. According to Motista’s CMO Alan Zorfas, mobile moms are a subset of social media moms, women who regularly use social media as a core communication tool to connect with friends, families and brands.
“Mobile moms are an emerging, tangible segment that marketers can both target and expand over time,” stated Zorfas. “We see that social media moms are far more likely to use their mobile devices to visit a brand’s website, view advertising and, of course, advocate. The mobile device becomes an extension of the mom herself, her lifestyle, values and behaviors.”
According to Motistia’s research, these mobile and social media moms feel a deeper connection to their favorite brands than non-social media moms. This leads them to share information about their favorite brands more frequently and even be more open to direct marketing from brands that they feel a connection to.
The study also found that twice as many social media moms are willing to pay a higher price for their mobile e-reader brand than non-social media moms. They’re also six times more likely to say that they have responded to a direct marketing promotion from mobile device brands than non-social or mobile moms, and 55 percent believe that their mobile device brand understands their lifestyle and needs versus 37 percent of non-social media or mobile moms.

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