Inside the editorial meeting: How Mic chooses the news for millennials

Digiday wanted to find out how millennial editors choose the news for their millennial audience. So we stopped in at Mic for its daily editorial meeting.

Every weekday at 9:45 a.m., the young staff at Mic make their way to the kitchen with open laptops. They congregate around a small island as editorial director Slade Sohmer kicks off the morning news meeting. About a dozen editors pitch stories for that day.

The big story on a recent Thursday morning was the arrest of pharmaceutical bad boy Martin Shkreli. Other news on the docket: Russian president Vladimir Putin’s praise for Donald Trump, the recall of exploding hoverboards, and the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore. The frequent twist: finding the millennial angle.

In addition to news and views, the millennial-focused publication also has sections like “Connections,” which covers everything from emojis to female orgasms and violence against sex workers.

Watch our video to find out how the editors at Mic planned out the news day.

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