Lotame to Close Its Ad Network

There’s now one less ad network in the market. Lotame announced today that it is closing its ad network, the Lotame Media Group, in order to focus exclusively on its data-management platform, Crowd Control, which launched in 2010.

The company’s shift from operating an ad network to an exclusive emphasis on the company’s DMP is indicative of an industry-wide move toward consolidation and the growing popularity of DMP services.

“The network was a necessary and integral part of Lotame’s business,” wrote CEO Andy Monfried in a statement. “It provided an effective way to refine Crowd Control and see firsthand what worked — and what didn’t. I frequently likened LMG to a laboratory where bleeding edge scientists toiled towards synthesizing wonder drugs. Our ‘laboratory’ enabled us to distill Crowd Control.”

Data has become the lynchpin of all digital campaigns, read the Lotame statement, and the company is shifting resources towards a highly profitable corner of ad technologies when “the demand for DMPs is at its highest.”

Lotame’s CrowdControl will offer DSP and ad exchange services through its partners as well as data analytics.

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