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Dotdash is a dot-com survivor, the rebranded About.com that waited out the Facebook craze and stuck to its search-optimization roots, while adding old-school tools like email newsletters to keep passersby around longer. Dotdash made its sites load super fast to keep visitors longer and see more ads, and it’s started selling products so it doesn’t have to rely as much on advertising. The site, the 40th largest on the Internet, per comScore, wants to forge its own path.

“We want to control as many of the things we can so we don’t have to cede control to the duopoly,” Dotdash chief executive Neil Vogel says. Still, fully 65 percent of its traffic comes from search, effectively Google. The company relies on the Google ad stack. It broke up the site from one into five and broke some of those further into verticals, the better to capitalize on Google search rankings.

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