Jumptap Integrates Offline Data

Jumptap, a mobile advertising technologies company, announced on Wednesday partnerships with four providers of primary offline data to enable targeted mobile campaigns. According to CMO Paran Johar, it indicates a significant shift in the way mobile advertisers do business.

“Using only one data set provides a limited snapshot of the consumer,” said Johar. “The partnership is very significant as we are bringing together data from online, offline and mobile providers at scale. Offline providers provide insight such as intent to purchase through real-world channels and purchase behavior.”
Jumptap claims that ads using offline data to enhance targeting have experienced 85 percent lift over those not integrating offline behavior information. The company will provide mobile advertisers with anonymous purchase-based information from retail, consumer-packaged goods and loyalty programs.
“There is no question that mobile marketing will be of increasing value to companies that want to drive deeper brand loyalty and customer engagement,” said Chris Scoggins, svp and gm at Datalogix. “This partnership allows Jumptap to leverage Datalogix’s proprietary targeting segments, thus ensuring that the correct audiences are reached across all mobile devices.”
Johar also insists that privacy concerns, which have been raised by consumer privacy advocates about other online integrations of offline data by companies such as WPP’s Xaxis, won’t factor in this case.
“Our policy is not to accept possession of personally identifiable information about individual users,” said Johar. “Instead, Jumptap assigns to each individual user a unique but anonymous identifier, and uses that identifier to deliver more relevant ads to that user. Additionally, Jumptap provides its own opt-out for ads delivered to users of apps or mobile browser users, allowing users to choose to decline targeting, if they want.”

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