Job talk: ‘I like grit and persistence, and I like loyalty.’

A mistake many employers and job seekers tend to make is to emphasize skills, not attitude.

A growing number of employers are recognizing this error and correcting it by trying to weed out candidates who might be the right fit on paper but lack the ambition, drive and team orientation that tend to separate successful employees from flame-outs.

“I sometimes kept people on the team because their skill set was so great, even though they were kind of poisonous,” said Michelle Peluso, CEO of Gilt Groupe in a New York Times interview published this weekend. “I call them morale zombies. Now I make decisions really fast on that stuff.”

Peluso went on to say this to say about hiring:

I hate job hoppers. It’s just a personal pet peeve. In every job, you go through your honeymoon phase, and then you’re challenged. The question is, do you have the personality to have longevity and to make an impact? I understand that maybe it’s more generational, and maybe I’m crossing over to the old generation, and soon I’m going to start talking about how I walked to school barefoot, uphill both ways. But I like grit and persistence, and I like loyalty.

Persistence can go a long way for a job hunter.

Check out these great new jobs from the Digiday jobs board:

Edelman Digital has openings in New York, Atlanta and Miami. The agency is looking for a senior-level digital strategist to lead corporate and public affairs on its business-to-business team in New York. It also needs an svp and group director of digital in Atlanta. The ideal candidate will a very experienced digital strategist with extensive experience building and leading a team and winning new business. In Miami, Edelman needs a vp of digital. The candidate should be bilingual in Spanish and English and have 8-10 years of experience.

Publishers Clearinghouse has two openings in its Port Washington, NY, headquarters. The company needs a cross-channel marketing manager to create more intelligent interactions across all channels and email programs that exceed customer expectations and motivate longer term engagement to maximize future probability of every email opt-in. It also has an opening for a an account manager of display ad sales, charged with bringing in new advertisers for PCH sites.

DECA needs an account manager/controller based in Santa Monica, Calif. The video network boasts the DECA/KIN Community, which ranks as YouTube’s top video network for women. The account manager role is charged with directing and managing the financial and account affairs for DECA/KIN.

Resonate needs a research analyst for its new research services team. The position, based in Reston, Va., is ideal for someone with three years experience, who thrives amidst the challenges of a fast-paced, start-up environment and is ready to take responsibility for maintaining the integrity of our data sets.

The Garage Team Mazda needs a senior Web analyst in Costa Mesa, Calif. The role involves producing reports, analysis and insights for internal and client marketing teams.

Please visit our jobs section for great jobs from other companies, including Essence, Time, Walmart and others.

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