Introducing Your Lips Are Moving

As you have probably noticed by now, we like to poke fun at all of the industry jargon that gets thrown around all of the time. Whether it’s the Digiday Dictionary or the “Guru” Flowchart, we like to keep jargon usage in check and hopefully give you a laugh.

To that end, the latest Etc. project is a comic series called “Your Lips Are Moving, But I Don’t Understand You.” It will feature real quotes from real people in the industry saying stuff that makes you think, “BUT WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!”

The first comic (see below) features a quote from a real marketer, who in this instance will remain unnamed since it was taken from an email; but future comics will likely be linked to actual interviews and real quotes from published sources. So if you see any industry gibberish floating around, send it my way.

Here is the first comic. Please excuse my very basic drawing skills.

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