Introducing Shit Media CEOs Say

It isn’t easy leading a media company nowadays. Things are more complicated thanks to digital throwing most media business models into a tailspin. Sometimes these challenges are hard to articulate. It’s then when the leaders of the industry fall back on cliches, impenetrable MBA jargon and inspirational nonsense possible cribbed from “Who Moved My Cheese?” In an effort to document and share these CEO sound bites of industry insight, we give you: Shit Media CEOs Say. We are pairing these pearls of wisdom with photos of Mouse, a miniature poodle that frequently visits Digiday’s office to discuss the industry with Henry, and other furry creatures.

The first few posts feature the musings of AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, who inspired this project, but Shit CEOs Say will be an equal opportunity. We will cover any CEO who says CEO things worth pairing with an animal picture. Stay tuned for more posts and feel free to suggest CEO quotes to feature.
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