Infographic: Presidential Candidates Need to be Social

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Whoever ends up sitting in the Oval Office next, you can bet that social media will have had something to do with it. According to data from Digitas, digital media, and especially social media, will play an integral role in influencing voters’ descions in the 2012 pesidential elections. Six out of ten respondents said that they expect presidential candidates to have a a social media presence; and four out of ten respondents said that they think that information found on social media is as impactful in the decision making process as traditional media. Fifty-one percent of respondents said that they will use social medai to learn more about the presidential candidates for the upcoming 2012 election. Check out the infographics below to see the breakdown by age group. It is clear that the 2012 presidential candidates need to make sure they have their social media stratedgies down pat.
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