ICYMI: Facebook Makes Developer Offer He Can’t Refuse

We know people are busy, so we are introducing a daily list of articles each reporter here at Digiday finds interesting and relevant about the digital landscape to pass on in case you missed them throughout the day. Today’s stories are about a failed acqui-hire, AOL’s video strategy, the realities of the TV business, spam bots on Facebook and some good news for cord cutters.

  • Payback’s a bitch. App.net’s Dalton Caldwell pens an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg exposing aggressive acqui-hire tactics by Facebook executives that pretty much threaten developers who step on Facebook’s toes. (daltoncaldwell.com)
  • Video is the new black. AOL keep rolling out new offerings in the hopes of fueling a revival. (Streaming Media)
  • Business models beat hashtags. Twitter declares the NBC’s decision to tape delay Olympics coverage #NBCFail, but NBC is raking in money thanks to its unpopular move. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Beware of the bots. Facebook cops that its user numbers are inflated by 83 million duplicate/spam accounts. That still leaves about 900 million real users. (AllFacebook)
  • Barry Diller might just get his revenge on his broadcast rivals. The controversial TV-to-Web service Aereo, which is backed by Diller, is fresh off a court victory in its battle with broadcasters is expanding its pricing options in a bid to go mainstream. (All Things D)

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