Five Publishers to Follow on Pinterest

The Pinterest gold rush is in full effect. So far it’s been mostly companies in retail/e-commerce, fashion, food and design that have pretty successfully set up shop on the social image-sharing platform. Publishers aren’t about to be left out when it comes to the Next Really Big Thing.

Here are five publishers that have branched out onto Pinterest and are using the new hot platform to expand how they present their content. The five we have chosen take advantage of the visual nature of Pinterest and have well-organized and/or entertaining boards that showcase content they wouldn’t necessarily publish on their main publication websites. They also have seen some success in attracting consumer interactions, as measured by attracting followers.

Time Magazine
Followers: 2,903
Boards: 16
Highlights: Well organized categories like “Time Interviews,” “Time Book Reviews” and “Time Behind the Scenes.” Also fun product guides and graphics.

Followers: 1,198
Boards: 18
Highlights: Good assortment of fun and informative boards, like “Vintage Covers,” “First Lady Fashion” and “Top Stories.”

The Wall Street Journal
Followers: 1,730
Boards: 20
Highlights: As we covered on Digiday, the WSJ has done a good job of integrating Pinterest into its social media presence. Boards include “WSJ Front Pages,” “WSJ Headcuts” and “WSJ Design and Decorating,” to name a few.

Followers: 14,026
Boards: 12
Highlights: Relevant and fun Boards for the tech world, like “Women in Tech,” “Web Humor” and “Social Media.”

Gannett Digital
Followers: 305
Boards: 12
Highlights: Boards include “Fun techie things,” “Oscar nominations 2012” and “For the office.”

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