Digital Creative Has Been Neutered. Highlights From DPS

Publishers and brands continued their dialogue about the state of digital publishing during day two at the Digital Publishing Summit in Bonita Springs, Fla. Tuesday’s topics ranged from brands as publishers, a debate about search vs. social, and publishing during an economic downturn. Check out these notable quotes from the DPS, day two.

“Saying that news is a commodity is a terribly dispassionate thing to say.” – Meredith Artley, vp and managing editor, CNN

“These are fascinating times. Stories are falling from the trees and audiences are ravenous and engaged.” – Meredith Artley, vp and managing editor, CNN

“We’re at the dawn of the age of automation, and it’s a good thing.” — Josh Wexler, svp global market develpment, Rubicon Project

“Brands must create something highly shareable. Display today is not highly sharable.” – Jonah Bloom, executive director content strategy, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners

“I wish brands would embrace the world their customers are in.” – Todd Sawicki, CRO, Cheezburger Network

“MediaOcean will be a game changer for programmatic buying within the next nine months.” Matt Barash, vp audience monetization, Forbes

“Media guys have stolen 100 percent of budgets in digital. Creative talent has gotten neutered.” – Todd Sawicki, CRO, Cheezburger Network

“Why listen to one idiot when you can listen to thousands!” – Kevin Ryan, CEO, Motivity Marketing on social media.




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